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Religion and Harmony: A Malabar Experience


Introduction Malabar in southwest India has been blessed with Hindu rulers for thousands of years who welcomed immigrants. Most notably these were the Christians two thousand years ago from Southwest Asia, led by Saint Thomas the Apostle of Jesus Christ, and a millennium and a half ago Muslims from the same region who came as merchants to carry on the sea trade that had come to bind together...

Inter-Religious Harmony and Cooperation: A Muslim Model from the Traditional Arts and Cultures of Malabar


A poor boy, named Kunhi Marakkar, had lost his father in the early days and was brought up by is pious mother, who affectionately cared for him and aspired to make him a disciple of a great scholar of that time, Zainuddin Makhdum the First (1467-1522, of Ponnani.  He also trained in the traditional martial arts of the time, known as Kalari.  According to a legendary story in the Kottupalli Mala...

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