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Armonia: Fitting Together in a Plural World


The word Armonia, and its English equivalent Harmony, come from Greek harmonia via Latin, and ultimately from the Indo-European root ar-, which had the sense of ‘joining’ or ‘fitting together’, very much like the modern sense of an orderly, congruent and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of parts.  The English word arm, in its two senses of ‘limb’ and ‘weapon’ also comes from the...

The Moral Sense, Common Grace, and the Common Future of Human Harmony


Introduction The concept of grace, from the Greek charis, has been central to all Christian thought as a paradigm for harmony between God and individual human beings and, moreover, for lifting humanity above its pettiness and its self-destructiveness. The consensus has always been that grace is the power of God’s love in awakening a loving response from individual persons inspiring them to excel...

Teaching Holistic Harmony through Paradigmatic Thought


Part One Introduction to the Concept Index  Teaching How to Think         Two thousand years ago, the Roman philosopher, Cicero, taught as a foundation principle the following wisdom: “Before you discuss anything whatsoever, first define your terms”.         In January, 2016, Tucker Carlson, the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Caller, explained the rationale for this wisdom, “You can’t fix a problem...

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