AuthorDr. Robert D. Crane

Jurisprudence: The Ultimate Arena for Existential Clash or Cooperation within and among Civilizations


Introduction In 1982, as a “Cherokee Indian” and former Ombudsman in the U.S. government’s Bureau of Indian Affairs responsible for resolving irresolvable problems, I was invited to represent America’s indigenous nations and religions at a gathering above the little village of Baca on the Western Slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Maurice Strong, a Canadian...

Editorial Introduction


The vision or purpose of this journal, Armonia, is to help bring together the best of all civilizations and religions in order to apply their common wisdom in promoting the harmonious pursuit of peace, prosperity, and freedom for all persons and communities through compassionate justice. A major mission or goal of this journal is to promote holistic education as a means to restore the primordial...

Teaching Holistic Harmony through Paradigmatic Thought


Part One Introduction to the Concept Index  Teaching How to Think         Two thousand years ago, the Roman philosopher, Cicero, taught as a foundation principle the following wisdom: “Before you discuss anything whatsoever, first define your terms”.         In January, 2016, Tucker Carlson, the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Caller, explained the rationale for this wisdom, “You can’t fix a problem...

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